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Maija's customer's are thrilled with their Latvian Santas

The Chicago Zinas  and Laiks say  
"Maija's Latvian Santa Claus's are so beautiful and intricate, they can't be
described in words"

L.B. of PA
I received my Santa this morning – he’s beautiful! As nice as the pictures
are on your website, they don’t do justice to your beautiful work! I’m so
glad I ordered him – he’s been the hit of the office today.

R.C of NY
Just wanted to let you know that my Santa has just arrived.  He is
BEAUTIFUL!! and will become the star Santa of my Santa collection.  My 3
sisters will be jealous.  Only wish my Mother was alive to se him.  Thank
you for all the care you put into him.

R.J. of Co
Santa arrived just fine...he is wonderful, looks better in person then the

I.C. of Canada
Paldies Maija. Another of your Santas is now residing in Toronto. "he is
delightful. I admire your artistry and humour in the details - including the
burnt perogy.  Even his glasses are similar to mine.  He will be treasured
thru the years.

L.H. of New York
Just received our Santa - it is incredibly beautiful!!!!  Looking
forward to ordering another next year.  Merry Christmas and best wishes
for the new year!

A.P of Canada
"It is a true heirloom that I will treasure for many years.  I was very
impressed by the authenticity of the details from the woven Latvian
designs to the woodwork."

B.S of Virginia
"Mrs. Steingart, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my Latvian Santa,
who arrived safe and sound at 6:30 pm at my front door.  After carefully
unwrapping him,  I found a place of honor for him to celebrate Christmas
in my household. Your work is exquisite and obviously done with skill and
patience.  Again, thank you for sharing your skills with the rest of the
Latvian community.  I will be sharing your skills and talent with others.
Vçlreizi, sirsnîgs paldies par Ziemsvetku vecîti!"

B.A. of Maryland says
"Thanks, Maija, for the wonderful Latvian Baker Santa! I received it on
Thursday 11-2 in fine shape. He is a creative work of art; you do a great
job. I can’t wait for all the family to see him. I’m keeping him out of the box
to help me get in the mood for Christmas."

R.B. of Canada writes
"Sveiki Maija! Santa arrived an hour ago and I just finished unearthing him
from the foam peanuts.  He is absolutely STUNNING!   I am just so pleased
with him, I can't speak!  Thanks again for adding the sleigh. It's perfect"

R.V. of IL says
"I wasn't home yesterday when she got the vecitis but she left a looong
message. She gushed like I'd never heard before. I'm not sure I told you,
but she collects Santa Clauses and when I saw yours last year at tirdzins, I
knew that she had to have one. I also think your work is a piece of art and
worth more than what you ask.  Thanks again. Vecitis was appreciated by

R.D. from Michigan writes
"Maija ~
I received my Santa Thursday and he's just beautiful!!  I've never seen
anything like it (as far as the Latvian theme goes).  He's too wonderful to
put away after Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and yours."

R.D. from Michigan writes
"I received the Santa today (Friday) at noon!  I am very impressed with
the details. I chose one that included items of special meaning to our
family...especially the piragi!  I had to have a Santa that was holding
a basket of them. It will now have a special place of honor in all of our
future Christimas holiday gatherings.
Thanks so much.

D.G. from Indiana writes
"Maija, The Santa got here on Thursday, just as you said it would.  He is
really a nice looking guy.  Thank you so much.  He is going to a very
loving home (if I don't decide to keep him myself).  Thanks again."

S.J from Virginia says
"Sveiki/Hi! I don't know if you speak Latvian or not,so I'll write this in of my friends bought a big Santa from you in Garezers this
summer and I absolutely LOVE it and was wondering how I could order

L.K from Indiana says
"Fabulous work!"

E.M from New York writes
Santa arrived today just as you said he would.  He is just beautiful!
Thank You so much.  You have been a pleasure to do business with.  I
can not wait to give him to my mother.  All his Latvian touches remind me
so much of my grandmother.  I know my mother is going to love him as well.
Paldies!!!  Paldies!!!  Paldies!!!"

These handcrafted, Old World, Latvian Santa's are perfect for you to enjoy for
Christmas, or to celebrate our heritage.

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Laiks November 18,
2006 Article
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